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To give you an accurate projection of your electric fleet savings, please fill in the details of your entire current petrol and diesel fleet below (not just the ones you’re considering for EV transition at this stage).

The recommendations provided in this estimator have been generated solely based on the information you have supplied on the (name the form/tool used to collect the information) and information including but not limited to market pricing and conditions existing at the time this estimator generators recommendations. Therefore, the recommended output or results, would not take into account all other surrounding factors and requirements which may otherwise impact the recommendations contained in this estimator including but not limited to movements in market, political, environmental and other future or prevailing conditions. This document is provided for information, evaluation and guidance purposes only. Every care has been taken in the preparation of this estimator which has been developed using best relevant information currently available together with bp Pulse’s own internal operational know-how and assessment. All information and recommendations are for the prospective user to undertake its own evaluation and analysis prior to decision making.